Through The Letter Box (Introductory studies)

Introductory studies evaluation.

Overall I found this project beneficial because it really helped me to work on my conceptual skills which is something I have always struggled with and this project provided a big challenge for me which why at the start of the project I struggled to get into the right mind set and actually achieve what was being asked but I gave it my constant attention. Due to the fact I struggled to get going I feel I could have brought my final piece to a higher standard visually than what I achieved and I feel that I still need to put more time into coming up with my concepts as though I think, I got my idea across I was a concerned that possibly not everyone might completely get it as everyone thinks differently and though I did ask others opinions they might have not been completely honest with me. Which means I need to broaden my research. I managed my time fairly well as I made sure I did something related to my project almost everyday even if it was just looking for some inspiration or checking food labels for what contains gelatin but my aim for my next project I want to try and document everything I do related to my project much better.


Procrastination Can still be productive

Hoefler text typeface

Just playing around with typography in cinema 4d.

One Day.

A short video project where I collaborated with a Friend (Sam Helsby- 3rd year digital media design at AUCB) we aim to continue these collaborations over at

The video was shot over a 12 hour period where 10 seconds was shot every 30 mins. the whole thing was filmed on iphone 4.

The idea was to see how varied two students days could be over just one day.

This is not the final version it has only been edited still needs post effects and graphics applying to it.



Rangoli’s for the Diwali festival.

Two different mediums were experimented with the more traditional seeds and pulses and a contemporary  method of using paper.

The more traditional method provided far more detailed and more interesting designs. Opposed to the experimental paper rangoli’s which proved extremely difficult and the end result were nothing to write home about.

2011 Show Reel

Hello Bournemouth

Just moved to my new base down here in bournemouth looking forward to starting at aucb next week


I’m always stuck traffic

Haven’t posted something in a while so I thought I would share this snap taken whilst stuck traffic where I seem to spend most of my time these days, on nick cambells cross process app ¬†