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Procrastination Can still be productive

Hoefler text typeface

Just playing around with typography in cinema 4d.


One Day.

A short video project where I collaborated with a Friend (Sam Helsby- 3rd year digital media design at AUCB) we aim to continue these collaborations over at

The video was shot over a 12 hour period where 10 seconds was shot every 30 mins. the whole thing was filmed on iphone 4.

The idea was to see how varied two students days could be over just one day.

This is not the final version it has only been edited still needs post effects and graphics applying to it.



Rangoli’s for the Diwali festival.

Two different mediums were experimented with the more traditional seeds and pulses and a contemporary  method of using paper.

The more traditional method provided far more detailed and more interesting designs. Opposed to the experimental paper rangoli’s which proved extremely difficult and the end result were nothing to write home about.

4Thought Productions

When I first started I said I was going to post some stuff that i have done at work. It has taken me a while but I finally got round it. This is just some stuff I have done whilst waiting for clients work to render and such.

check out the new photos section

Just getting started

Just to start things off something i did whilst trying learn cinema 4d and just generally create some animations. keep your eyes peeled for more to come soon.

I’m thinking I might post some of my work that I am currently doing at 4thought productions check them out at…..